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*CONCENTRATE ONLY* Not From Concentrate
*CONCENTRATE ONLY* Not From Concentrate

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A unique blend of sweet vanilla and orange that is guaranteed to return you to your childhood, enjoying an ice-cold frozen treat on a hot summer's day!

ATTENTION, This is only the base concentrate flavoring meant for D.I.Y. eLiquid production. Simply mix at the appropriate percentage to your unflavored eliquid base.
The recommended mixture percentage for this base flavoring is 28%

This base concentrate will come in a 30ml P.E.T. bottle with a needle dispensing tip.

Steep (aged) time is 7-21 days. The custards will be closer to that 21 day time frame and beyond. Obviously as the product ages further the flavors will continue to blend over their usable life.

30ml of *CONCENTRATE ONLY* $16.95

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