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*CONCENTRATE ONLY* Puddin' Pounder
*CONCENTRATE ONLY* Puddin' Pounder

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Our Price: $16.95


Satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge in cloudy satisfaction. We start with a creamy vanilla pudding on top of a rich buttery slice of moist pound cake. This delightful treat is finished off with a dollop of sweet whipped cream and lightly sprinkled with Nilla wafer crumbs. Prepare to get pounded and like it!!!

ATTENTION, This is only the base concentrate flavoring meant for D.I.Y. eLiquid production. Simply mix at the appropriate percentage to your unflavored eliquid base.
The recommended mixture percentages for this base flavoring is 20%
This base concentrate will come in a 30ml (1 fluid oz.) P.E.T. bottle with a needle dispensing tip.
Steep (aged) time is 7-21 days. The custards will be closer to that 21 days time frame and beyond. Obviously as the product ages further the flavors will continue to blend over their usable life.
30ml (1 fluid oz.) of *CONCENTRATE ONLY* $16.95